Full-Stack .NET Developer
Dilken Dilber


Stockholm, Sweden · Nackademin Sthlm · +46 76593 07 08 · hi@dilken.se

Web developer currently studying full-stack .NET systems engineering at Stockholm Nackademin. I constantly strive to add to my skillset within the development of consistent back-end systems and seamless front-end design.

Yup, my skills lie primarily
on the back-end side of things...
But do not fear, for I also take great pride
in my eye for design and functionality!

wrenchstable skeleton

C# (.NET)
JavaScript (Node, Meteor, Express)

ideanot just a pretty interface

JavaScript (Angular, React)

databasewatch out, I byte

SQL Server, Entity & Databases
SharePoint Development


i n d e p t h

  • 2012 - 2015

    International Baccalearate

    Born in 1997 in Stockholm, I completed an International Baccalaureate specialising in physics, mathematics and chemistry at Stockholm International School.

  • 2015 - 2016

    Yeditepe International Medical School

    I attended medical school on a scholarship funded by the international medical organisation Yeditepe. Well there in the medical environment, I started to grow immense interest in the technical equipment and machinery used in the hospitals and laboratories.

  • 2016 - 2017

    Yeditepe Biomachinery Software Development

    Soon thereafter I was spending all my time in the biomedical technology department of the organisation, involved in the programming of biomachinery software. I decided to pursue my passion for programming, software and technology; and enrolled in .NET system engineering studies.

  • 2017 - Present

    Nackademin Stockholm

    Over the course of my studies I have become entrenched with web and system development. I constantly seek ways to improve my skillset within web development; with flawless front-end and consistent back-end compartments completing seamless systems.

  • 2018- Present

    Nordic Morning Group

    Nordic Morning Group is a giant in the communications industry. During my time in Nordic Morning's developer team I gained access to the makings of great digital solutions, and insight into the components of sustainable communication tools. I am particularly loyal to NMG due to my relationship with CEO Anne Årneby, a prominent mentor in organizations "Women In Tech" and "Women For Leaders".

  • Are You
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p r o j e c t s

I believe that passions create skills. My interests not only shape who I am as a person; but are also a reflection of my work and assets I provide to the ones I work with.

Web Development

Since the start of my web development studies at Nackademin; I have strived to achieve skills that are practical to real-life solutions. With a goal of being the ultimate Jack-of-all-Trades, I take pride in my seamless back-end engineering and delightfully simple front-end systems that result in a flawless full-stack experience.

San Jose Convention

With the contributions of my consulting skills to various non-profits, I was able to attend the Fluent Tech 2017 conference in Silicon Valley. I was proud to represent the organisations that bring tech to all groups of society; whilst further inspecting new faces and companies that promise to bridge the gap between code and people.

Retail Applications

I am a big fan of side-projects; projects I build based on real-life applications that sometimes grabs the attention of the platform it was based on. You can read about my project Ullaredsräknaren; a shopping application that caught the attention of Gekås Ullared and various media platforms, here.


With a background in biomachinery software, I am professionally active in many biotech communities. I am a volunteer coder in the programmer’s association of BioHax, an organisation devoted to hacking the human evolutionary timeline. With an RFID implant in one hand, and an NFC implant in the other; I consider myself the cyborg that contributes to the bridge between technology and the human body. A small spark of a reminder; every time I swipe my forearm across the train station gates for entry!


With a soft spot for financial technology, I am a consistent contributor and participant of FinTech STHLM. I am particularly passionate about the injection of technology to banking and financial systems with the aim of access of opportunities and information to individuals of all classes and backgrounds of society. With this, I am a contributor to the website and online event/ticket basis of Unga Aktiesparare, an organisation set to provide young individuals with the tools they need for a functioning personal economy.


I am passionate about projects and organisations that strive toward equality and diversification of the tech industry. I am a volunteer tech consultant for organisations DataTjej and Tjejer Som Kodar; award-winning organisations that set up events and contributions to bring code and programming to young girls- as well as bring women of tech together in order to combat the equality issues of the industry. A significant contribution was to that of the Women in Tech Stockholm conference of 2017.

c o n t a c t