Dilken Erkan-Dilber

Biomechanics, Biotechnology, Hardware Engineering, Biohacking

About Her

Dilken Erkan-Dilber

I am a Swedish engineer working for YUlaboraties, and currently studying medicine to gain a greater grip on the biological realms of humanity. I take great interest in forms of technology and synthetics used to improve quality of human life. Areas of specialty include biohacking and technological body modifications, private-use medical machinery and environmental automization.I am in the early phases of the neoCyborg species (RFID & NFC implants- I can give my number to you in any tacky Stockholm pub by stroking your phone provocatively. My apartment keys are built into my wrist.). With a passion for technology and machinery that operates in biological settings, I am keen to be a part of the team responsible for the next leap in Homo sapian evolution.


At Humanity's Service


The use of technology and machinery on and in the body, improving quality of human life.The most common biohackings today are Microchip implants. They allow me to pass on my business card and CV with a stroke on your mobile phone, turn on my lights with a clap of the hands, bypass my apartment and car doorlock without keys with a flick of the wrist.

Environmental automisation

Using my RFID and NFC microchip implants,. I can forget my keys (or throw them away), turn on lights with a clap of the hand, pay for my food at the store. The future requires minimum effort on our part when it comes to controlling our home and environment using technology that is now our flesh and blood. The future is here.

Private-Use Medical Machinery

Medical machinery for private use allow portable controlled technology to be affordable and accessible for mass users.The most common example are App-controlled sensors

Engineering and Medicine

Medical doctors with interest, ability and support for technology and nanomachinery in flesh are rare and looked down upon within the field. Despite this, I pursue my vision of what technology can do for the quality of life of upcoming generations.

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